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For students and amateur filmmakers to find Like-minded People & Realise Your Dreams

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Movie Studio for Students and Amateur Filmmakers

Your Movie Studio aims to connect students and amateur filmmakers with each other so you can make the films you always dreamed of.

Most of the projects and screenplays are available for free, so that everyone has the chance to make films, web-series and other videos to gain experience or just to enjoy filmmaking as a hobby.

You can upload your own screenplays for other filmmakers to use, start your own projects from existing screenplays or something you've written yourself, or take part in projects looking for help.

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How Your Movie Studio Works

Advertise Your Services/Screenplays

Let potential filmmakers know that you are available to work on their projects, or advertise your screenplays for their consideration

Create Your Film / Programme / Web Series

Film and produce your project with your chosen team, or join the team of an existing project.


Release your video on our YouTube channel. Copyright of your project remains with you

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